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Crystal Mountains National Park

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The north-western part of Gabon, where the Crystal Mountains National Park is located, has been classified as a protected area to preserve the greatest concentration of botanical species in the sub-region. The park's two forest blocks, the Mbé sector and Mont Séni, boast the greatest plant diversity per unit area on the continent, and many of these plants are endemic. The presence of various orchid species completes this already impressive picture. The park's rugged, eroded topography has created a landscape of steep peaks separated by deep valleys. On the peaks, the tops of the tall trees disappear into the clouds, creating a microclimate that makes the area Gabon's water tower. The regularity of rainfall favours the presence of a dense hydrographic network which, combined with the relief, explains the presence of numerous waterfalls.

The hydroelectric dams installed in the region draw their power from the rivers to supply electricity to the Gabonese capital. However, the park also has other attractions: visitors can swim in the natural pools and rivers, hike along the trails and admire the waterfalls.

Your accommodations at Camp Medzine Assock are fully-equipped villas that welcome groups and families.

You will be transported to the site by 4×4 vehicle.

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Laurene est une hôtesse géniale - elle s'occupe de tout. Sa capacité à prendre en charge tous les détails de votre séjour rend votre expérience vraiment agréable et sans souci. Nous avons eu la chance de faire appel à ses services lors de notre voyage au Mont de Cristal le week-end dernier, et nous avons passé un moment exceptionnel. Laurene est extrêmement compétente et attentionnée, et elle sait comment créer des itinéraires sur mesure en intégrant vos souhaits et vos préférences.

Marc Onanga

I recently visited the Monts de Cristal National Park with the help of this travel agency, and it was an incredible experience! The park's lush forests and diverse wildlife left me in awe. The knowledgeable guides provided fascinating insights about the flora and fauna, making the trip both educational and enjoyable. The hiking trails were well-maintained, offering breathtaking views of the mountains and waterfalls. I highly recommend this destination to nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers.

Anna Letalon

J'ai récemment visité le Parc National des Monts de Cristal et c'était une expérience incroyable ! Les forêts luxuriantes du parc et la diversité de la faune m'ont émerveillé. Les guides compétents nous ont donné des informations fascinantes sur la flore et la faune, rendant le voyage à la fois instructif et agréable. Les sentiers de randonnée étaient bien entretenus, offrant des vues à couper le souffle sur les montagnes et les cascades. Je recommande vivement cette destination aux amateurs de nature et aux aventuriers.

Maeva Ondo