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Sette Cama Advendure

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A magical place, Setté Cama, a small village situated on a spit of land between the N'dogo lagoon and the ocean, is also the last village south of the Loango National Park. Next to the village, facing the lagoon, is the SETTE CAMA AVENTURE fishing camp. The waters of Setté Cama are world-renowned for their abundance of fish, and all types of sport fishing, day and night, are available to satisfy the needs of fishing enthusiasts, whether on the lagoon, on the ocean side or at the mouth of the river. Red carp, barracudas, jacks, captains and, of course, the famous tarpon are all on offer. Setté Cama, a fishing paradise, a feast for the eyes. Elephants are omnipresent on the beach, and fishermen often cohabit with these giants. For accompanying persons, an ecotourism program can be organized, combining pirogue rides and hikes, to discover the diversity of nature between forest, savannah, mangrove and beach, and to meet the fauna that makes Gabon so rich. The lagoon is home to hippos all year round. Elephants, buffalo and antelope can be seen on the beach. Other small amphibian animals can sometimes be seen at the bend of a river arm, in the mangrove swamps. A walk in the forest will also allow you to admire gigantic trees and observe monkeys and birds. Between these activities, you can relax on one of the restaurant's two terraces, on the garden side or on the lagoon side. The lodge, pleasantly situated between the lagoon and the ocean, will be a haven of relaxation with a friendly table. See elephants at close quarters, get up close to for Tarpon from the shore - that's what the N'dogo and Setté Cama lagoons have to offer. An unforgettable experience! This magical place, unlike any other, will leave no one indifferent!!!!

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